Mercedes Benz Service and Repair in Arlington, TX

mercedes repair arlington tx dannys norwoodService intervals consist of two main service groups:

The following maintenance items should be performed as recommended by the manufacturer.  The intervals vary by brand of vehicle.  Please contact us for information on your vehicle.

  • Coolant fluid flush
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Timing belt replacement

Dannys Norwood Service also offers the following services:


Minor Scheduled Services

Certain manufacturers include a maintenance plan with the purchase of the vehicle.  Dannys Norwood Service can perform interim minor services to complement your maintenance plan.


Major Scheduled Services

Dannys Norwood Service can perform all scheduled inspections and major services on your Mercedes or other foreign automobile, whether it is under the manufacturer’s warranty or not.

Certain maintenance requirements have been deleted from the manufacturers’ maintenance schedules, such as transmission services, fuel filter changes, etc., due in part to car makers offering “free maintenance” for the first few years of ownership.  Dannys Norwood Service recommends periodic replacement of these items in the interest of increased longevity of components, such as fuel pumps, transmissions, cooling systems, etc.

Our service estimates reflect our more intensive maintenance regimen.  An important part of any maintenance service, major or minor, includes a thorough inspection of your car.  Any needs that it may have are documented.  An estimate is then prepared and e-mailed or can be sent on Facebook, followed by a phone call from us.  We can also e-mail photos of defects found, or repairs recommended.

No work is performed without your prior authorization.  This ensures that you are always current and informed about what is being done to your car during the repair process.

Click here to email Danny with any questions or concerns about your car.


Other Services

Pre-Purchase Inspection

If you are in the market for a pre-owned BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Volvo, Volkswagen, or Audi, the most important thing you can do before completing your transaction is to have the vehicle inspected by a qualified third party.  Our Pre-Purchase Inspection includes an exhaustive check of all aspects of the vehicle, from drive-train components and safety systems, cosmetic condition, to structural integrity, and overall appearance.  Dannys Norwood Service will prepare a complete report on the vehicle based on our checklist.


Pre-Warranty Expiration Inspection

Dannys Norwood Service honors most extended warranty policies.  Let us conduct a Pre-Warranty Expiration Inspection on your vehicle for items that would be covered under your manufacturer’s warranty.  Why pay for a repair that could have been covered by your warranty?  Dannys Norwood Service will prepare a report of any warrantable defects for you to present to your dealer for repair.  Many third party extended warranty companies also require a vehicle inspection report before underwriting a policy, and if you are considering purchasing an extended warranty, this would be a perfect time to have your car inspected by us.  Extended warranty companies are more comfortable underwriting a vehicle that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.  It poses a smaller risk to them (pre-existing defects are less likely to be present), so the length of the warranty and scope of coverage available to you are greater and cost less compared with purchasing a policy on a vehicle already out of warranty.

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